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Whether you chartered a boat or spent the day fishing on your own vessel, you'll want to preserve your catch at its freshest quality. Let Jeffrey's Seafood take care of all your processing needs, including fish cleaning, custom portioning, vacuum sealing, and storage. Jeffrey's Seafood will even take the hassle out of getting your freshly processed catch from the Outer Banks to your front door with our available shipping services. We recommend vacuum sealing and flash freezing as the best way to preserve your catch.


Come visit us or call 252-986-2800 to request a quote for your needs.

Fish Cleaning


Have your catch professionally cleaned by Jeffrey's Seafood. Whether you have a lot or a little. We take pride in fileting each fish to guarantee the highest possible yield. Prices vary from $.50 to $1.00 per pound, depending on species of fish.


Custom Portioning


Allow the professional fish cleaners at Jeffrey's Seafood to prepare your freshly cleaned fish for cooking at home. Once your catch has been cleaned, we cut the meat into your specified portion sizes in preparation for packaging and freezing. When you’re ready to thaw and cook your catch, each portion will be ready to go.


Vacuum Sealing


Vacuum sealing your freshly processed catch is the best way to enjoy it all year long. Vacuum sealing prevents freezer burn and preserves your catch at peak freshness allowing it to taste just like the day it was caught. This ensures the highest quality meat for your consumption up to a year later. Custom portioned and packaged to your specifications. $2.00 per bag, 1-6lb bags.


Cold Storage


Don't stress about the lack of room in the fridge at your rental cottage. We’ll keep your fresh catch on ice until you’re ready to pick it up. Cold storage is $5.00 a day plus the cost of ice.  


Freezer Storage


Let Jeffrey's Seafood flash freeze your freshly processed catch! Our zero-degree flash freezer ensures your product is fully frozen within hours and is ready for transport home from the Outer Banks. $15.00 minimum for freezing- covers the first day plus two additional days of storage. $5.00 a day afterwards.




$1 per shovel (10lb/shovel)

$4 per basket

$10 per barrel


Inquire with us directly about annual bulk ice agreement.


Dry Ice


We recommend dry ice as the best way to transport your flash-frozen catch from the Outer Banks to your home. Available seasonally from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Amount of ice needed depends on anticipated hours of travel. $2/lb.  




Skip the worries about packing a cooler and take advantage of our seafood shipping services to get your catch home. We package and ship your catch via FedEx Express priority overnight or 2-day so it meets you at your door. We can also package your fresh OBX seafood to be checked on a plane. Shipping costs depend on weight and packing materials. Come by or call 252-986-2800 to request a quote today. 


Coming soon- retail, online ordering, & shipping!


Jeffrey’s Seafood has big plans! We are in the process of constructing a new, state-of-the-art retail and processing facility and building an online store which will expand our ability to provide the freshest seafood to customers all over the country. Please sign up for our email updates below to be the first to know!

Photo Credit: Axle Ethington 

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